How Does EZ House Buyers Differ from a Real Estate Agency?

EZ House Buyers provides Texas homeowners and commercial property owners with the opportunity to sell quickly for a cash offer. A family-owned business, EZ House Buyers is dedicated to helping property owners find solutions to their problems, regardless of the reason they wish to sell.


When you need to sell your property quickly, you may wonder about the differences between selling through a real estate solutions company vs. selling through a real estate agency. After all, each type of company deals with real estate, and they each make a profit on the properties they sell.


What’s the Difference?

There are several differences between a real estate investor and a real estate agent. Unfortunately, these two terms are often used interchangeably, which can cause much confusion.


A significant difference between a real estate investor and a real estate agent is that an investor earns revenue from a property in several ways. They may sell the property alone or with other properties. They may also sell the property at a lower price right after they’ve purchased it. Or, they can sell the property for cash. A real estate agent’s aim is to sell a property for enough to earn a satisfactory commission.


Another difference between an investor and an agent lies in the way they advertise. An investor educates potential clients using simple signage, while agents educate via signage as well as business cards and their own websites.


The Benefits of Selling Your Property via a Real Estate Agent

A specific kind of homeowner would turn to a real estate agency to sell their property. When you have the luxury of time and don’t need cash for your home quickly, this may be the route you’d take.


When real estate buyers are tasked with selling a property, they will consult existing market data to figure out which price is most competitive for a property. The more competitive the price, the more quickly a property may sell.


Another advantage to selling with an agent is that they will either have specific knowledge about the neighborhood the property is in, or they will be able to locate that information. They can show you which properties are selling for the same price as yours in the area, as well as show you where to find peripheral data, such as information on the quality of schools or the neighborhood crime rate.


A licensed agent will have the knowledge and experience to ensure the sale of your property is conducted legally and properly. They know how to get through the red tape, fine print, and paperwork, meaning that you won’t have to. This will save you time and energy.


Agents also have the advantage of networking. Although they cannot specifically recommend anyone, for legal reasons, they do engage in a lot of networking with those who provide needed services to property owners that wish to sell. They also know which companies are the most competent and efficient at what they do, as well as which offer the most competitive prices.


Finally, there is no reason for you to have to negotiate when you hire a real estate agent, which can relieve a lot of pressure. An agent’s ability to negotiate can help motivated sellers get the most for their properties.


The Disadvantages of Using a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Property

Hiring a real estate is not without its costs. As mentioned earlier, real estate agents earn commissions on the properties they sell, which you have to pay. Currently, anyone looking to sell their property through a real estate agent should expect to pay them up to 6% of their property’s total sale price in commissions.


What’s more, real estate agencies often find issues with a house that does not have modern features, and recommend that you spend the money to get your house “up to snuff” in order to sell it for the best price. While this can lead to a better return on investment for the updates you’ve made to your home, it can delay the process of selling the home, which can be a major issue for those who are motivated to sell a home fast.


Old cabinetry, outdated fixtures, and particularly a home that is not in immaculate condition are a few of the problems an agency will recommend that you fix prior to selling the home. Real estate agencies rarely will find your house perfect, and many will not instantly list your home to sell in “as is” condition.


Not to mention, as a client of a real estate agent, you are no means his/or her only client. This could mean waiting for your calls to be returned and for tasks related to the sales process to be completed. At the end of the day, a busy agent could mean that it takes far longer than you expect to sell your property.


Another possible disadvantage can be the issues that may crop up if there is a second agent involved on the buyer side of your property’s sale. If a second agent is involved, this will mean possible delays in the progress of the deal, depending on the skills they possess.


Even if you have the timeline for your property sale set to the day, you are unfortunately on your agent’s timeline. In order to ensure a timely sale, your agent will need to be able to do what is needed properly and on time. Your property may sit longer on the market if your commercial property buyer agent doesn’t complete tasks in a timely manner.

Even if you do your due diligence, the agent you choose may not be the best one for you. What’s worse, you may not discover this until you’re in the middle of the process of selling your property.


The bottom line? A real estate agency will not be in as much of a hurry to get you the money for selling your home as a real estate investor.


Why Choose a Real Estate Investor to Sell Your Property?

There are many reasons that owners may need to sell their home or commercial property quickly. Perhaps they want to avoid foreclosure, or they received an inheritance of unneeded property from a deceased loved one. Unexpected legal or medical costs may have arisen, or job loss may have occurred to necessitate a quick property sale. Whatever the reason, there are several advantages to choosing a real estate investor.


Real estate investors will typically not be averse to paying cash for a property—something that, with financial restrictions getting tighter and an increasing frequency of low appraisals, can be a far more appealing option for many sellers.


Speed is one of the main reasons property owners choose real estate investors. With the home inspections, financing, and similar required tasks involved with a traditional sale, you may wait weeks or months before you sell your property. A real estate investor doesn’t rely on all of these factors to help sell properties; instead, they can close the sale of your property within days.


Sellers who choose real estate investors have the benefit of being able to sell their properties on an “as is” basis to business or house buyers. Doing this means that you don’t need to worry about making repairs, staging your home, or any of the other steps you may need to take when selling your home the traditional way.


Real estate investors can offer sellers a number of payment options, including a complete mortgage take-over, cash, and certified funds, to name but a few. This kind of flexibility means that a seller can find exactly the right option for their unique situation.


When an investor purchases a property, they also pay the majority of the closing costs, if not all of them, which can save you thousands of dollars.


There is also no need to host any open house events, which require you to ensure your home is in perfect condition. Often, real estate investors will purchase properties sight unseen.


Are There Any Disadvantages to Selling to a Real Estate Investor?

Just like with anything, there are aspects to consider before choosing to sell your property to a real estate investor.


One of the most important things to watch out for is that the investor you are dealing with is legitimate. Because real estate investors don’t require a license in order to buy properties, anyone can pose as one. Unfortunately, there are many unscrupulous individuals who will pose as real estate investors.


The best way to avoid disappointment is to ensure you have obtained the name of the person you wish to work with and conduct your own online research. You should also be able to get some references from residential property buyers. If not, you should consider this a red flag.


Another consideration when dealing with a real estate investor to sell your property is the fact that you may end up getting less than market value for your home or commercial property. This is because of the risk an investor is assuming by purchasing a property as is or for cash. Investors also have costs, which they will ensure is included with their offer to buy a property.


Finding an Investor Who Works with You

It may not seem like an easy task to find a solution for selling your property that satisfies both parties. However, many reputable real estate investing companies will do just that. EZ House Buyers works with both commercial property owners and homeowners in Texas to help them find win-win solutions. For more information, call 844-400-5442.

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